Brutal Relax Show

For those of you who would like to wind down after a draining work week with something with a little more kick, we’ve mixed a very special brutally relaxing cocktail. Saturday night, we will test your nerves, funny bone, and resolve.  And we’ll widen your horizons as well. Life in a detention camp for recovered zombies is no walk in the part but it has its upsides. Nine out of ten contract killers agree that Halloween is the best time to get rid of a body. Even a simple amphibian likes to enjoy an opulent party from time to time. Two heads are better than one, which may not be so true when piles of cocaine are involved. But it’s always true that remote gas stations with strange attendants are best avoided! And one final piece of advice – never ever get fresh with a girl who carries around a pig’s head in a plastic bag… Your expert guide through this night of madness will be the Czech actress Simona Babčáková.