Death Metal

A metalhead, his satanic guitar and carnage.

  • USA
  • 2016, 5 min
  • Director: Chris McInroy
  • Director of photography: EJ Enriquez
  • Editor: Gavin Tatro
  • Screenplay: Chris McInroy
  • Producer: Berndt Mader, Ben Steinbauer, Veronica Leon
  • Production: The Bear

20.1. 21:00 Praha | Světozor - Grand Hall

Chris McInroy

Chris McInroy

Chris McInroy is the award-winning writer/director of Bad Guy #2 and Death Metal. He lives in Austin, TX. He got an MFA degree from UT Austin. The Bad Guy #2 won jury prize at Las Vegas International Film Festival. The Death Metal received jury and audience award at Nevermore Film Festival in 2016. He loves genre movies and his favourite place is the Alamo Drafthouse. He watches an average of 180 movies per year. His next project will be his first attempt at a feature-length movie, a horror comedy with werewolves.