Brutal Relax Show

For those of you who like to end their demanding work week with something a bit more hardcore, we have again put together a specially mixed brutal relaxing cocktail. On Saturday night, you can dive headfirst into darkness and depravity. Bear in mind, however, that over the course of the evening many ordinary things may appear in a different light than you are used to. After all, the apocalypse takes many forms, and so even seemingly innocent fruits may become a personification of evil, rainfall can turn into a murderous monster, and an 18th birthday party may reveal ugly secrets about an otherwise nice little family. Many people already know that hunting is a highly problematic activity or that summoning demons just for fun can have serious consequences. But few people are aware of all the bad things that could happen to a certain famous animated family as they watch their favorite TV show, that you shouldn’t use social networks after dark in an empty apartment, or what the real situation looks like on the US-Mexican border, since the authorities have apparently been lying to us. Just to be sure, we should point out that besides other serious offences, some of the films also contain explicit sexual scenes, although they take place at a ski resort or are entirely woolen.

Making his debut as your expert guide through this year’s night of bizarreness and horror is the harsh and uncompromising commentator of contemporary Czech life (media and otherwise) Luděk Staněk, whose professional experience makes him more than suited for the task.