Brutal Relax Show

Our traditional brutally relaxing selection of films for people looking to spice up the week's end with a cocktail of bizarre, deranged jokes and frivolous suspense. This year’s evening includes the tale of early-twentieth-century polar explorers, with a special focus on cannibalism as a possible path to survival. Survival is also on the line in the story of an incurable prankster in a shark mask and in a dark Bangladeshi horror set entirely beneath a protective mosquito net. We’ll also travel beyond the afterlife in a musical about the sad demise of the influencer Claudio, and no Brutal Relax Show is complete without a short tale set on the toilet. A series of commercials will tell us how to enjoy a good German-style holiday, achieve the right shade of tan, or enjoy a drink on ice. Not everyone is brave enough to be themselves, but luckily for the more bashful among us there’s a magical fairy to do the job. Another miracle is the great new home appliance for the automatic production of sushi rolls. And for a cherry on top, there’s the haunting voice of a friendly and prescient horse from a Canadian revenge western.