A Few Miles South

The year is 1910. Two arctic explorers, Ted and Eric, find themselves trapped inside their tent with a ravenous polar bear roaming outside. As food supplies dwindle, they quickly realize the beast lying in wait outside isn’t the only carnivore they need to be concerned about.

  • United Kingdom, Ireland
  • 2021, 14 min
  • Director: Ben Pearce
  • Director of photography: Simon Reay
  • Editor: Margred Pryce
  • Screenplay: Ben Pearce
  • Music: Billy Jupp
  • Sound: Matt Waites
  • Cast: Toby Jones, Ivanno Jeremiah
  • Art Director: Soraya Gilanni
  • Producer: Diarmuid Hughes
  • Production: Crunch Point Films

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Ben Pearce

Ben Pearce

Ben Pearce is a London-born filmmaker. His work includes Silent Woods (2012), Nurtured (2019), Waterloo (2020), and A Few Miles South (2021), all of which have screened internationally and garnered him a number of awards. He is a member of BFI Bafta Crew and is currently developing a number of film and TV projects, including his debut feature for Revolution Films.