Horse Brothers

Two paranoid brothers are consumed with murderous fantasies after a horse convinces them that they are each others' enemies.

  • Canada
  • 2022, 10 min
  • Director: Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco
  • Director of photography: Markus Henkel
  • Editor: Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco
  • Screenplay: Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco
  • Music: Max Walter
  • Sound: Max Walter
  • Cast: Guy Maddin
  • Producer: Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco
  • Production: Mitrovic/Velasco Productions

2.3. 20:30 Praha | Bio Oko

Milos Mitrovic, Fabian VelascoMilos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco

Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco

Milos Mitrovic is an award-winning Canadian-based writer/director/editor born in Sarajevo, Bosnia. His short films Imitations (2016) and homer_b (2017) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fabian Velasco is an Argentine-born Canadian filmmaker. He completed his BA in Film Studies at the University of Winnipeg. His films have played nationally and internationally and have received multiple awards and nominations.