Life on Mars

As its title suggests, this section will present films showing completely different forms of life that are beyond our experience and probably even imagination. In a certain sense, this is really the case. The five films comprising this section have been awarded for their unique visions at numerous festivals all around the world. But however unbelievable it may seem, the world they depict is actually the one we live in. The wantonness of the Chinese communist regime, the cynicism and dehumanized nature of state authorities, the consequences of unregulated sale and possession of guns in the United States, or an absurd version of the migrant crisis viewed from an unusual perspective. All these are the subjects of films that seem to be taking place on some faraway planet, in some wholly different world. Nevertheless, they tell stories of our own world which is simply in many ways and places not as it should be. And this is something we ought to acknowledge.

Mass of Men

The Mass of Men The Mass of Men

  • United Kingdom
  • 2012, 17 min
  • Director: Gabriel Gauchet
20.1. 18:00 Svetozor - Small Hall
21.1. 17:00 Kino Pilotů

Les Misérables Les Misérables

  • France
  • 2017, 16 min
  • Director: Ladj Ly
20.1. 18:00 Svetozor - Small Hall
21.1. 17:00 Kino Pilotů