In war-torn Spain, tormented by spreading superstition, a teenage Carlos frightens everyone with his strange attacks. There seems to be the only solution…

  • Spain
  • 2012, 15 min
  • Director: Pepe Botías, Mario García
  • Director of photography: Rubén Guimarey
  • Editor: César Herradura
  • Screenplay: Víctor Galán
  • Music: Ángel Salazar
  • Cast: Mabel del Pozo, David Z. Vaquero, Aníbal Tártalo, Mariano Andrés
  • Producer: Víctor Galán, Mario García, Pepe Botías

Pepe Botías, Mario García

Mario García graduated in film directing from NIC, the Madrid Film Institute. He has made an array of commercials and short video clips. He has been a director and VJ for several music groups.
Pepe Botías has also studied directing at NIC in Madrid, but after three years, he took up the diploma studies of cinematography, which he later combined with diploma programe of screenwriting for film and television at La Factoría del guión (Factory of Scriptwriting), widely considered one of the best schools in the field in the country. In 2012 they have made short films Exit and Therion which have been successfully screened at the festivals all over the world.