Bowling Killers

Tony and Simon are bowling champions for passion and hitmen out of need. They play a major game tonight but before they have to carry out a contract. It was supposed to be a simple and quick matter.

  • Belgium
  • 2012, 10 min
  • Director: Sébastien Petit
  • Director of photography: Philippe Therasse
  • Editor: Pascal Oberlin
  • Screenplay: Sébastien Petit
  • Music: Steve Jones

Sébastien Petit

Sébastien Petit (Belgium) graduated of the cinema school Inraci in Brussels in 1999, worked first like assistant director, cameraman, gripper and editor. In 2004, he created the “Atelier Pelloche”, a workshop of cinema that helps handicapped people to make short films. At the same period, he created with seven friends Boîte Noire, a production company that helps him produce his own films. After creating Bowling Killers (2013) he is currently completing another short film Chaos and is preparing a feature project Eliot.