Death of a Shadow

Stuck in a limbo between life and death, Nathan Rijckx, a deceased World War I soldier, has to collect shadows to regain a second chance at life and love. With two shadows left to collect, he discovers something that shakes his world completely. Won the European Film Academy Award for the Best Short Film in 2013.

  • Belgium, France
  • 2012, 20 min
  • Director: Tom Van Avermaet
  • Director of photography: Stijn Van Der Veken
  • Editor: Dieter Diependaele
  • Screenplay: Tom Van Avermaet
  • Music: Raf Keunen
  • Cast: Matthias Schoenaerts, Laura Verlinden, Peter Van Den Eede, Benjamin Ramon
  • Producer: Ellen De Waele
  • Production: Serendipity Films

Tom Van Avermaet

Tom Van Avermaet (b. 1982) graduated from film school at the RITS in Belgium with his first short film Dreamtime (Droomtijd, 2006) which had over 60 festival selections and numerous awards (among which a nomination for the Mélies D’or for best European fantastic Short Film). His first professional short film Death of a Shadow won the European Film Award for the Best Short Film in 2013 and was nominated for the Academy Award (Oscar) for the Best Live Action short in the same year.