Fragility, loneliness and desperate longing for any kind of contact in five rather strange scenes on the edge between intimacy and voyeurish fantasies. Six characters and their relations as seen through the modern communication technology.

  • Canada
  • 2012, 29 min
  • Director: Eduardo Menz
  • Director of photography: Philippe Roy
  • Editor: Eduardo Menz, Nicolas Roy
  • Screenplay: Eduardo Menz
  • Music: Tomas Brabec
  • Cast: Hanna Saunders, Jérémy Heidkrüger, Patrick Caux, Pedram Ariaee, Masoumeh Sephrara, Salar Fallahian, Mylène Mackay
  • Producer: Annick Blanc, Nancy Grant
  • Production: Metafilms

Eduardo Menz

Eduardo Menz (b. 1977, Canada) completed in 2007 his undergraduate program with a minor in photography and a specialization/major in film production at Concordia University. He is a member of the Double Negative Collective who showcase international experimental filmmakers’ works as well as exhibit their own films worldwide. His films and videos have been shown at several festivals worldwide.