BKA 49-77

Involved in a car accident, Petr and Martina are suddenly thrown in a situation where saving somebody else’s life could put their own in danger. Caught between fear and guilt, they have to choose between bad and worse.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2012, 21 min
  • Director: Jan Pavlacký
  • Director of photography: Jan J. Filip
  • Editor: Petr Staněk
  • Screenplay: Jan Pavlacký
  • Music: Pjoni
  • Cast: Jiří Racek, Iveta Jiřičková, Marek Adamczyk, Jacob Erftemeijer
  • Producer: Jakub Málek
  • Production: Monolog Films

Jan Pavlacký

Jan Pavlacký grew up in Africa, briefly studied directing at Scuola Nazionale del Cinema in Rome and nowadays lives in Prague. Having gathered his experiences as an assistant director on movie-sets varying from Hollywood Blockbusters to low-budget promos, Jan gradually begun to direct music videos and commercials on his own. BKA 49-77 is his first short film.