Jenny is looking for escape. After being let down by a babysitter she decided to leave her daughter with a neighbor and walks into the surrounding countryside. Whilst waiting by the side of the road, she is picked up by a stranger and together they drive into woodland where she must choose between fantasy, escape and home.

  • United Kingdom
  • 2012, 21 min
  • Director: Romola Garai
  • Director of photography: Kate Reid
  • Editor: Alastair Reid
  • Screenplay: Romola Garai
  • Music: Stuart Earl
  • Cast: Amanda Hale, Hnor Kneafsey, Steven Robertson, Michelle Duncan, Martin Savage
  • Producer: Shona Kerr, Romola Garai

Romola Garai

Romola Garai is a British English actress who has worked in Film, Television and Theatre for over 10 years. In her acting career she has worked for some of the biggest names in film including Stephen Poliakoff, Francois Ozon, Joe Wright, Richard Eyre, Kenneth Branagh and Mira Nair. Her projects include performances in Joe Wright’s Atonement (2007), Francois Ozon’s Angel (2007), Inside I'm Dancing (2004), Lone Scherfig’s One Day (2004), or Stephen Poliakoff's Glorious 39 (2009). She has been nominated for numerous acting awards including two Golden Globes, and was nominated for a BAFTA in 2012. Scrubber is her debut as a writer/director.