Assault, kidnapping, imprisonment and terrible finale through subjective view of the victim. However, the very significant question is, who is the victim?

  • Netherlands
  • 2010, 2 min
  • Director: Andreas Pasvantis
  • Director of photography: Wiro Felix
  • Editor: Ken Rosenberg
  • Screenplay: Andreas Pasvantis
  • Production: 328stories

Andreas Pasvantis

Andreas Pasvantis (b. 1982, Netherlands) studied Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. There he quickly realised that he preferred to create movies instead of reading and writing about them. That’s why he chose the New York Film Academy (Digital Filmmaking), followed by the SAE Institute in Amsterdam. After his studies he had the privilege to assist Johan Kramer ( Andreas recently changed production company from to which represents him in his various projects, ranging from documentaries, short films to commercials. The short film December won several awards, including Young Director Nomination in Cannes (Cannes Lions).