István Balogh, a not very affluent farmer, lords over his wife, children and his “hired” slave. Cut off from the rest of the world on a distant farm, he tries to uphold a family ideal he formulated from rigid traditions. The close-knit, albeit extreme, human relations sweep these characters towards tragedy.

  • Hungary
  • 2011, 20 min
  • Director: Attila Till
  • Director of photography: Imre Juhász
  • Editor: Béla Barsi
  • Screenplay: Attila Till
  • Music: Iván Lantos
  • Cast: Béla Barsi, Szabolcs Thuroczy, Monikai Balsai, Balázs Szitás
  • Producer: Gabor Rajna, Gabor Sipos, Monika Mecs
  • Production: Laokoon Film Arts Kft., M&M Film

Attila Till

Atilla Till graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in the Intermedia department. His first feature film Pánik (Panic) premiered in 2008 at the Hungarian Film Week where it was recognized in a number of categories, and won the Best Actress and the Audience Awards. It appeared at a number of international festivals, including the Cairo Film Festival. His first short film, Beast, is based on extended research and inspired by newspaper articles, and television news on the theme of modern-day slavery. This film had world premier at the Directors’ Fortnight section in 2011.