Last Day of the Year

In a cold December morning, Xiu-huang finishes her night shift. Without any rest, she rushes back home and get prepared to meet her son in the camp. However, her expectations of going home together failed, she figures out her son is meeting his girlfriend in Taipei, where the fireworks display will be held on New Year’s Eve.

  • Taiwan
  • 2012, 30 min
  • Director: Lin Ying-ting
  • Director of photography: Garvin Chan
  • Editor: Kaidi Zhan
  • Screenplay: Ying-ting Tseng
  • Music: Ming-chang Chen
  • Cast: Xuefreng Lu, Meng-po Fu
  • Producer: Shiang-ling Lin

Lin Ying-ting

Tseng Ying-ting (b. 1982, Taiwan) graduated from Department of Information Communication, Yuan Ze University. Currently he’s a graduate student of Motion Picture Department in National Taiwan University of Art. He’s directed several short films so far: Afternoon Isle (2010), The Giving (2009), Nocturne (2008).