We Ate the Children Last

Researchers discover a radical cure for digestive tract illnesses while transplanting pig organs into the human body. Medical miracle morphs into popular phenomenon, and Patient D, the first human subject to undergo the procedure, must wrestle with his own complicity as both his body and the world around him descend into chaos.

  • Canada
  • 2011, 13 min
  • Director: Andrew Cividino
  • Director of photography: Stephen Whitehead
  • Editor: James Vandewater
  • Screenplay: Andrew Cividino, Geoff Smart
  • Music: Chris Thornborrow
  • Cast: Keith Berry, David Disher
  • Producer: Karen Harnisch
  • Production: Film Forge Productions

Andrew Cividino

Andrew Cividino grew up in Dundas, Ontario and attended Ryerson University’s film production program. After graduating in 2006 he went on to create a nationally distributed, award winning PSA for the Ontario Film Review Board and was named Motorola’s filmmaker of the year after winning the TIFF/Motorola Motoreel competition. Andrew incorporated Film Forge Productions 2007 as a conduit for his commercial and creative pursuits, and has gone on to produce and direct short films and commercialsfor cinema, television, the web. For his short film We Ate the Children Last Andrew was named “most promising director” at the 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival.