Nasty Bitter Sweet

In the middle of a broken city, the meeting of two lonely beings morphs into a frantic chase that borders on escape and a lovers’ quest.

  • Belgium
  • 2012, 24 min
  • Director: Alice De Vestele
  • Director of photography: Frédéric Noirhomme
  • Editor: Elif Uluengin
  • Screenplay: Antoine Cuypers
  • Music: Mirko Banovic, Bo Alexander, Manuel Roland
  • Cast: Catherine Grosjean, Sam Louwyck, Eric Godon, Fernand Dubuy
  • Producer: Benoît Roland
  • Production: Entre Chien et Loup SCRL

Alice De Vestele

Alice De Vestele directed her first short film Saint-Nicholas’ fiancee in 2004 for her graduation at IAD. After Speed Dating (2006) and Christmas 347 (2007), she once again co-directed with Michael Bier The Blue Hour (2010), which obtained the Best Performance Award (Cathy Grosjean) at Brussels Short Film Festival and the Grand Prix at Le court en dit long (Paris). Nasty Bitter Sweet (written by Antoine Cuyper) also won the TV5 award at Brussels Film Festival.