Mr. Late

Aneta’s partner has a rare disease that prevents him from leaving their house. The authorities are about to seize the house and plan to evict the young pair from the building. Aneta faces a tough choice. She simultaneously must and must not leave the house. What will win? Intellect? Coincidence? Compassion?

  • Czech Republic
  • 2011, 14 min
  • Director: Jiří Sádek
  • Director of photography: Antoan Pepelanov
  • Editor: Pavel Kern
  • Screenplay: Jiří Sádek
  • Music: Studio Fontána
  • Cast: Michal Kern, Adéla Petřeková, Jan Novotný, Jitka Foltýnová
  • Producer: Miloň Terč
  • Production: Filmová akademie Miroslava Ondříčka v Písku

Jiří Sádek

Jiří Sádek (1989) graduated in theater set design from the School of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague before enrolling in film direction and script writing at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek. His short film Nerikej hop came second at the Night of Rising Film Stars and first at Aerokratas festival. The film was also screened at international festivals of student short film in the Netherlands, Serbia, Poland, Great Britain and Japan. He is currently finishing his third year at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek.