Planet Z

New vegetation springs up on Planet Z and everything seems to live in harmony, until a sticky wicked mushroom takes over and destroys the idyllic world.

  • France
  • 2011, 10 min
  • Director: Momoko Seto
  • Director of photography: Boubkar Benzabat
  • Editor: Nicolas Sarkissian, Momoko Seto
  • Screenplay: Momoko Seto
  • Music: Yann Leguay
  • Contacts: Sacrebleu Productions
  • Producer: Ron Dyens
  • Production: Sacrebleu Productions

Momoko Seto

Momoko Seto (1980) was born in Tokyo, Japan. After studying at the Lycée Français of Tokyo, she attended the Fine Arts College of Marseilles and Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts in France. She started making short fiction films and documentary films for the CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research). She then started creating hybrid mix-genre films by transforming everyday life elements into a poetic and singular universe, for example the experimental animations Planet A and Planet Z and her seafood porn videos. Her films have been shown at numerous international film festivals and artistic events, some of which have received international awards.