Rare Exports Inc.

Long long time ago Father Christmases roamed free in Lapland. At some point in time, native people found out that these creatures could be caught and trained. In 1793, a group of Laplanders set up a small company to export extremely rare Original Finnish Father Christmas ® all over the World.

  • Finland
  • 2003, 11 min
  • Director: Jalmari Helander
  • Director of photography: Jean-Noel Mustonen
  • Editor: Anssi Puisto
  • Screenplay: Jalmari Helander, Juuso Helander
  • Music: Extreme Music
  • Cast: Tommi Korpela, Otso Tarkela, Jorma Tommila, Tazu Ovasaka
  • Contacts: Juha Ponteva
  • Producer: Harri Aalto, Hannu Kalliolahti, Jukka Valtanen
  • Production: Woodpecker Film, Moskito Television Oy

Jalmari Helander

Jalmari Helander (1976) was born in Helsinki Finland. He started making TV commercials in 2003, working with the biggest brands in Finland. His work has gained recognition abroad and at home, where he won the Best Director Award from City magazine. Outside of Finland, he is best known for his short films.