In the school yard, Benoit loses a bet against his friends. His dare: to ask Aglaée, a disabled student, to go out with him.

  • France
  • 2010, 20 min
  • Director: Rudi Rosenberg
  • Director of photography: Régis Blondeau
  • Editor: Emmanuelle Pencalet
  • Screenplay: Rudi Rosenberg
  • Cast: Diane Benmaor, Juliette Boscheron, Marc Faria Chaulet, Angélique de Catheu
  • Contacts: Kare Productions
  • Producer: Antoine Gandaubert
  • Production: Karé Productions

Rudi Rosenberg

Rudi Rosenberg (1979) started his career as actor, working with directors Olivier Dahan, Sam Gabarski, and Pascal Kané. After studying at the International School of Filmmaking and Broadcasting (EICAR) in Paris, he launched his career as a filmmaker. His graduation film, 13 years old was screened at a score of French and international film festivals and won the first prize at the Arte Student Film Contest.
His third film, Aglaée (2010), produced by Karé Productions, has already won recognition. He is currently making TV commercials and works on his first full-length feature.