The Unliving

Thirty years after a zombie outbreak, people have started taming and using the zombies as cheap workforce. Katrine and Mark struggle with the tedious everyday life of dirty zombie catching, bloody lobotomy experiments and their relationship is on the verge of falling apart.

  • Sweden
  • 2010, 28 min
  • Director: Hugo Lilja
  • Director of photography: Benjamin Orre
  • Editor: Max Arehn, Rickard Krantz
  • Screenplay: Hugo Lilja
  • Cast: Jonatan Rodriguez, Emelie Jonsson, Anna UddenbergMore
  • Contacts: Swedish Film Institute
  • Producer: Bonnie Skoog Feeney
  • Production: Dramatiska InstitutetMore

Hugo Lilja

Hugo Lilja was born in Umeå, Sweden. He studied Cognitive Science at Umeå University, founded a production company in Malmö and directed several short films before enrolling in film directing at Dramatiska Institutet. He has also directed commercials and an interactive web-series for FOX. He is currently developing two features.