Stuck in a Groove

A film which is produced with a unique self-developed technique called “phonovideo”, which allows to create films in an analog way using a setup to display and mix animations, in a process similar to DJs mixing their music with record players. All animation is created by putting special discs on turntables by hand and operating a videomixer.

  • Austria
  • 2011, 4 min
  • Director: Clemens Kogler
  • Director of photography: Clemens Kogler
  • Editor: Clemens Kogler
  • Screenplay: Clemens Kogler
  • Music: Richard Eigner
  • Contacts: Clemens Kogler
  • Producer: Clemens Kogler

Clemens Kogler

Clemens Kogler lives and works in Linz, Austria. He studied classical painting and worked in an ad agency and TV before choosing film. In his work, he crates microcosms with their own logic, starting with a static image and working towards motion. Some of his films consist of only one picture. He compares the process to architecture that also requires a lot of planning ahead.