Cross Country

First, a boy is forced to run. Then he runs on his own. And then he watches another one run. Winner of 2011 Golden Palm from Cannes.

  • France, Ukraine
  • 2011, 15 min
  • Director: Maryna Vroda
  • Director of photography: Volodumur Ivanov
  • Editor: Roman Bondarchuk, Thomas Marchand
  • Screenplay: Maryna Vroda
  • Cast: Egor Agarkov, Nastia Dunaeva, Masha Tkatchenko, Yulia Trigubenko
  • Contacts: Les 3 lignes
  • Producer: Florence Keller, Kevin Orr, Maryna Vroda
  • Production: Les 3 lignes

Maryna Vroda

Maryna Vroda (1982, Ukraine) graduated in film and TV studies from the University of Kiev, after which she worked with Sergei Loznitsa on short films The Oath and The Rain, which screened at several European film festivals. Her 2011 film Cross Country, made in French co-production, won the Golden Palm in Cannes the same year.