Night Fishing

Deep in the woods, cutting through the fog, a man arrives at the edge of a river and starts fishing. Hours later, night has fallen on the quiet riverside, something big is caught on the fishing rod. But it’s not something he can put on his dinner plate. Park Chan-wook, his iPhone and Golden Bear from 2011 Berlin Film Festival.

  • South Korea
  • 2011, 33 min
  • Director: Chan-wook Park, Chan-kyong Park
  • Director of photography: Sung-lim Ju
  • Editor: Woo-il Kim
  • Screenplay: Chan-wook Park, Chan-kyong Park
  • Music: Young-gyu Jang
  • Cast: Kwang-rok Oh, Hyun Lee Jung
  • Contacts: Finecut Co., Ltd
  • Producer: Jeong Wonjo
  • Production: Moho Film

Chan-wook Park, Chan-kyong Park

Park Chan-wook (1963, South Korea) studied philosophy and started as a film critic. In 1992, he made his first film that completely tanked with the audience. His second film, made in 1997, did not do much better. After Simpan, a short film from 1999, and his third somewhat successful feature, he tasted triumph and satisfaction in the form of festival and commercial success with Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Oldboy (2003, Grand Prize of the Jury from Cannes), Lady Vengeance (2005, Venice award-winner), I’m Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006, Berlin award-winner) and Thirst (2009, Jury Prize from Cannes).