Moon's Palace

A mother writes a letter to Paul Auster...

  • Spain
  • 2009, 13 min
  • Director: Ione Hernández
  • Director of photography: Pablo Pró
  • Editor: Alex Beltrán, Ione Hernández
  • Screenplay: Ione Hernández
  • Music: Javier Casado
  • Cast: Nieve de Medina, Papo Oliva
  • Contacts: Madrid en corto
  • Producer: Alfonso Castillo Cebrián
  • Production: Multi Platform Content

Ione Hernández

Ione Hernández (1970, Spain) graduated in journalism and communication in the Michel de Montaigne University in France. She has received a grant to finish her MA in film directing in Los Angeles. She has worked with Julio Medem on the documentary The Basque Ball: Skin Against Stone (La pelota vasca, 2003) and Uno por ciento, esquizofrenia (2007), which she directed. Moon Palace (2008) is her third short film.