Let This Be A Warning

A group of Africans leave the Earth to create a colony on a distant planet. They respond warily to the arrival of an uninvited guest.

  • Kenya
  • 2017, 11 min
  • Director: Jim Chuchu
  • Director of photography: Noel Kasyoka
  • Editor: Jim Chuchu, Noel Kasyoka
  • Screenplay: The Nest Collective
  • Cast: Marriane Nungo, Jason Runo, Jesse Mutakiwa, David Mukabi
  • Art Director: Njeri Gitungo
  • Producer: The Nest Collective
  • Production: The Nest Collective

25.1. 17:00 Kino Pilotů VR Zone
25.1. 19:00 Kino Pilotů VR Zone
26.1. 12:00 Kino Pilotů VR Zone
26.1. 14:00 Kino Pilotů VR Zone
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Jim Chuchu

Jim Chuchu

Jim Chuchu is a visual artist, filmmaker, and musician from Nairobi, Kenya. He is also the co-founder and Creative Director of the NEST, a multidisciplinary art space in Nairobi. His first short film, Homecoming, was one of six short fiction films that formed the African Metropolis series and were screened at TIFF, Rotterdam, Locarno, and other festivals. He made his first feature film Stories of Our Lives as part of the ten-member NEST Collective.