Religious fanaticism can have many faces. Some blow themselves up, while others wear masks of Jesus Christ. The film is a description of life in the village of Nebojsa in southern Slovakia near the Hungarian border. 

  • Slovak Republic
  • 2017, 14 min
  • Director: Jakub Gajdoš
  • Director of photography: Jakub Gajdoš
  • Editor: Jakub Gajdoš
  • Screenplay: Jakub Gajdoš
  • Music: Mikuláš Kužela
  • Cast: Ondrej Podhradský, Samuel Vízner, Alžběta Vagadayová, Gabriel Obenauer
  • Production: Academy of Arts Banska Bystrica

23.1. 18:00 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall
25.1. 21:00 Praha | Světozor - Grand Hall
27.1. 20:30 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall

Jakub Gajdoš

Jakub Gajdoš

Jakub Gajdoš studied at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, which is where he shot his first short film, Havenofear. He is currently working on several projects that, like his debut, try to incorporate elements of documentary film.