How it Feels to be Hungover

A man wakes up at a clinic that specializes in malignant hangovers. His doctor prescribes 600 ml of ice cream and two action comedies, but also shares some news, which doesn't make him feel any better...

  • Sweden
  • 2018, 10 min
  • Director: Viktor Hertz
  • Director of photography: Bratislav Stankovic
  • Editor: Viktor Hertz
  • Screenplay: Viktor Hertz
  • Cast: Lukas Loughran, Irma Jämhammar, Anki Larsson
  • Art Director: Viktor Hertz
  • Producer: Johann Skirnir Gustavsson
  • Production: Lyster

23.1. 18:00 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall
25.1. 21:00 Praha | Světozor - Grand Hall
27.1. 20:30 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall

Viktor Hertz

Viktor Hertz

Viktor Hertz is a graphic designer, filmmaker and cat lover from Sweden. He enjoys being creative, hanging out with people, and writing his own biographies. His short films include Home Care Before Christmas, Fomo Sapiens, and We Got Your Back. His latest short, How It Feels to Be Hungover, has won several "Best Comedy" awards around the world, including at the BuSho Film Festival in Budapest.