The Last Well

The year is 2037. Europe is in shambles. The owner of the last well with natural clean water lives in Croatia. After one of his sales of clean drinking water ends in a bloodbath, he becomes a substitute father and husband. But when the well dries out, he makes one last "trade"…

  • Croatia
  • 2017, 20 min
  • Director: Filip Filković
  • Director of photography: Tomislav Krnić
  • Editor: Marko Šuvak Martinović
  • Screenplay: Velimir Grgić, Filip Filković
  • Cast: Alen Liverić, Mia Biondić, Ida Rogić, Ozren Grabarić
  • Contacts: Insolence Productions
  • Art Director: Željka Rončević
  • Coproduction: Insolence Productions
  • Producer: Danijel Pek
  • Production: Antitalent

23.1. 20:30 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall
26.1. 18:00 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall

Filip Filković

Filip Filković

Filip Filković is a Croatian artist and director of music videos and films. He also founded the radical art initiative Kunstterrorist Organisation. He also creates paintings, artistic postage stamps, and prints. Filip worked with James Cauty of The KLF on a series of artworks for the Aquarium L-13 gallery in London. Since 2008, Filip has been mostly involved in video production, having directed more than 80 acclaimed and award-winning music videos for his More-Magnets production company, plus various other advertising videos. Among other things, he also directed accomplished documentary television series such as Lovac na Bilje (The Herb Hunter) and Slatka Kuharica (Sweet Cook).