Pragueshorts for Kids

Does the recipe for the best soup in the world include mice? Can a lonely lost boot find its way home? And is Mom always right? You’ll learn the answer to these questions and more in a selection of short films chosen by the Pragueshorts Film Festival. As in the past, we invite audiences aged 2 to 9 to enjoy a diverse program consisting of animated and live-action shorts from around the world that are sure to entertain adults as well.

The screening is followed by an art workshop organized by Aeroškola.


Screening: CZK 90

Screening and workshop: CZK 150

The Mysterious Key
There’s a fairy tale in which a little girl named Zuzanka finds a mysterious key that leads her into an
old woman’s garden. We have borrowed her key to unlock a number of different doors. Have you
ever found such a key and thought about what doors or cabinets it might fit, or where it came from
in the first place? At today’s workshop, we’ll give our fantasy free rein and use the key to open the
gates... to where? Come and be surprised with dramatic etudes and creative art-making. We’re
curious about where the key will lead you, children.


Cat Cat

  • Germany
  • 2022, 4 min
  • Director: Julia Ocker
4.3. 15:00 Praha | Bio Oko
5.3. 15:00 Praha | Aero