Tile M for Murder

A Scrabble game provides the ideal opportunity for a frustrated Swedish husband to escape his suffocating domestic situation. Strangely enough, his wife has exactly the same idea.

  • Sweden
  • 2008, 8 min
  • Director: Magnus Holmgren
  • Director of photography: Ragna Jorming
  • Editor: Magnus Holmgren
  • Screenplay: Magnus Holmgren
  • Music: Josef Tuulse
  • Cast: Gustaf Hammarsten, Rachel Molin
  • Contacts: Swedish Film Institute
  • Producer: Anette Brantin
  • Production: Bob Film Sweden

Magnus Holmgren

Magnus Holmgren (Sweden) graduated from the Swedish national film school Dramatiska institutet in 2006 with a background in animation and VFX. His films, often humorous with stunning visual elements, have won many awards at film festivals around the world.