It's Maxim’s birthday. He's eight years old. He lives with his mom in a village in the middle of nowhere. For his birthday, mom takes him to McDonalds.

  • Romania
  • 2008, 14 min
  • Director: Marian Crisan
  • Director of photography: Tudor Mircea
  • Editor: Tudor Pojoni
  • Screenplay: Marian Crisan
  • Cast: Gabriela Crisu, Maxim Strinu, Damian Oancea, Erwin Simshenson
  • Contacts: Mandragora Movies
  • Producer: Anca Puiu
  • Production: Mandragora

Marian Crisan

Marian Crisan (2008, Romania) graduated in film directing from the Academy of Theatre and Film in Bucharest in 1998. He has since made several short films and documentaries. His last film Megatron (2008) won the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Festival.