Franzy's Soup-kitchen

Nothing beats cooking excellent soup and sitting down to enjoy it. But what if you run out of the one spice that makes it so delicious? The only answer is to set out into space and enjoy a real adventure.

  • France, Georgia
  • 2021, 8 min
  • Director: Ana Chubinidze
  • Director of photography: Sara Sponga
  • Editor: Antoine Rodet
  • Screenplay: Anna Chubinidze
  • Music: Erekle Gestadze, Zviad Mgebry
  • Sound: Beso Kacharava, George Murgulia, Biko Gogaladze, Alexander Sanikidze
  • Coproduction: Pocket Studio
  • Producer: Reginald De Guillebon
  • Production: Folimage

4.3. 15:00 Praha | Bio Oko
5.3. 15:00 Praha | Aero