We find ourselves in the role of a traveler who is taken on a tour of his inner monster with the goal of destroying it. The character of the monster (werewolf) is based primarily on the idea of autoimmune diseases, in which the body destroys itself. The patient becomes someone else and feels frustrated by whom or what he is forced to fight. Hope for life rests in self-acceptance.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2022, 9 min
  • Director: Marina Hendrychová
  • Screenplay: Marina Hendrychová
  • Music: Marina Hendrychová
  • Sound: Marina Hendrychová
  • Art Director: Marina Hendrychová
  • Producer: Tomáš Šimon
  • Production: FAMU

2.3. 18:00 Praha | Kino Ponrepo
4.3. 18:00 Praha | Světozor

Marina Hendrychová

Marina Hendrychová

Audiovisual artist Marina Hendrychová is currently studying at FAMU in Prague. In her work, she explores the relationships between nature, animals, and technology. Her short films include Fever Dream (2020), Ultramarine (2021), and Lycaeon (2022). She likes to focus on places where the digital, everyday, and magical worlds come together. She most frequently works with objects, computers, illustrations, and sounds, combining them all into a moving image.