The Oysters

Mouths stay shut like oysters. But as the shells shatter and hands tear them apart, the truth rises to the surface.

  • Belgium
  • 2022, 23 min
  • Director: Maïa Descamps
  • Director of photography: Alexandre Cabanne
  • Editor: Mathieu Jamet
  • Screenplay: Maïa Descamps
  • Music: Julien Trousson
  • Sound: Barbara Juniot
  • Cast: Caroline Taillet, Léone François, Mélissa Roussaux, Louise Jacob, Violette De Leu, Colline Libon, Camille Voglaire
  • Producer: Micha Wald, Alexander Weiss
  • Production: For the fox

3.3. 18:00 Praha | Světozor
4.3. 19:15 Praha | Kino Pilotů

Maïa Descamps

Maïa Descamps was born in Lille and earned a Master’s degree in film directing in 2015 with the graduation film from man to man. She began her professional career as a screenwriter and script doctor on several series projects, thanks to which she developed a passion for writing. In 2021, she wrote and directed her second short film, Oysters.