Attempting a backflip is not safe. You can break your neck or land on your head or land badly on your wrists. None of that is nice, so my avatar does the trick. It practices on a six-core processor with the help of machine learning. The processor is not the newest, but it still calculates six jumps per iteration. One iteration takes one minute, meaning 360 jumps per hour and 8,640 jumps a day. I wouldn’t be able to jump that much myself.

  • Germany, France
  • 2022, 12 min
  • Director: Nikita Diakur
  • Screenplay: Nikita Diakur
  • Music: & Thunderkamp
  • Sound: David Kamp
  • Producer: Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron, Nikita Diakur
  • Production: Miyu Productions

2.3. 18:00 Praha | Kino Ponrepo
4.3. 18:00 Praha | Světozor

Nikita Diakur

Nikita Diakur

Nikita Diakur is a Russian-born filmmaker based in Germany. He is best known for his projects Ugly (2017) and Fest (2018), which have received critical acclaim at film festivals around the world. His signature style is dynamic computer simulation that embraces spontaneity, randomness, and error.