I'm Jin-young

Jin-young is a fourth-grader and, even she admits, is pretty. She is head over heels for Hyun-ji, who causes chaos in her heart and soon in her family. Hyun-ji, you see, is actually not her classmate, but her mom’s friend.

  • South Korea
  • 2006, 19 min
  • Director: Sung-eun Lee
  • Director of photography: Ji-sun Park
  • Editor: Sung-eun Lee
  • Screenplay: Sung-eun Lee
  • Music: Jae-kwon Han
  • Cast: Min-kyoung Byun, Min-a Lee, Young-sun Kim
  • Contacts: Indiestory Inc.
  • Producer: Sung-eun Lee
  • Production: Sogang University

Sung-eun Lee

Lee Sung-eun (South Korea) studied media communication. I’m Jin-young (2006) is her sixth short and first 35 mm film.