An adolescent girl, her mother suffering from heatstroke and her father hospitalized with a strange injury. A wet night of unrelenting rain and secrets struggling to get out.

  • South Korea
  • 2002, 17 min
  • Director: Chang-kyu Jae
  • Director of photography: Mo-gae Lee
  • Editor: Seong-rong Han
  • Screenplay: Chang-kyu Jae
  • Cast: Jin-gang Park, Yeon-kyu Lee
  • Contacts: Korean National University of Arts
  • Producer: Chang-kyu Jae
  • Production: The Korean National University of Arts

Chang-kyu Jae

Jae Chang-kyu (South Korea) studied painting, and in 2002 graduated in film camera from the Korea National University of Arts. He works as a cameraman.