A young and experienced doctor begins his first night shift on Christmas Eve. His more experienced colleagues are off to be with their families, and there is nothing to indicate that this quiet night will soon turn into a struggle for a child’s life and for his professional and personal credentials.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2022, 19 min
  • Director: Jan Hecht
  • Director of photography: Tomáš Kotas
  • Editor: Jakub Jelínek
  • Screenplay: Jan Hecht, Tomáš Hecht
  • Music: Kryštof Blabla
  • Sound: Kryštof Blabla
  • Cast: Vladimír Pokorný, Marika Procházková, Jaroslav Dušek, Bronislava Kovačiková, David Matásek
  • Art Director: Marek Špitálský
  • Coproduction: FAMU
  • Producer: Marek Dusil
  • Production: Mannschaft

3.3. 17:00 Praha | Kino Pilotů
5.3. 17:00 Praha | Světozor

Jan Hecht

Jan Hecht

Jan Hecht studied directing at FAMU in Prague and debuted with the short film Mt. Human (2018). He is currently working on his feature-film debut, The Tree, about a government employee’s struggle against the system he helped to create.