Atomic Punch, My Darling

Soon she will be 30, and she really wants to marry. Her heavy-drinking fiancé dodges talk about marriage and his morning make-up routine with potted bean sprouts has long lost its charm. But letting him go could be risky.

  • South Korea
  • 2006, 20 min
  • Director: Jee-Yeon SUN
  • Director of photography: Byung-Soo Kim
  • Editor: Jee-Yeon Sun
  • Screenplay: Jee-Yeon Sun
  • Music: Jun-Ik Hwang
  • Cast: Do-Hyun Kim, Seo-Hee Go
  • Contacts: Korean Academy of Film Arts
  • Production: Korean Academy of Film Arts

Jee-Yeon SUN

Sun Jee-yeon (b. 1974, South Korea) graduated in film studies from the Korean Academy of Film Arts in 2006. Atomic Punch, My Darling! (2006) is her sixth short and first 35 mm film.