The Little Thief

If it wasn’t for a strange birthmark around his eye, he would be like any of his classmates – every now and then going through discarded stuff, nicking canned food from a shop and watching a girl in his neighborhood. And then one day he breaks into her apartment…

  • South Korea
  • 2006, 26 min
  • Director: Yong-keun Min
  • Director of photography: Hee-suek Na
  • Editor: Ae-kyung Wang, Yong-keun Min
  • Screenplay: Yong-keun Min
  • Music: Hyung-woo Noh
  • Cast: You-han Jo, So-hee Park, Jin-sook Lee
  • Contacts: Indiestory Inc.
  • Producer: Ji-yeon Lee

Yong-keun Min

Min Yong-keun (1976, South Korea) studied film at Hanyang University. The Little Thief (2006) is his sixth short and first 35 mm film.