Tony Zear

Tony is truly special. But because of his remarkable physical abilities, he has problems with girls, and his life is becoming a nightmare. One almost perfect girl, however, is willing to give him a try.

  • France
  • 2007, 20 min
  • Director: Valentin Potier
  • Director of photography: Vincent Warin
  • Editor: Nini Ranaivoarivony
  • Music: Jean Jacques Hertz, François Roy
  • Cast: Nicolas Clerc, Audrey Marnay
  • Contacts: Sacre Productions
  • Producer: Philippe Abitbol, Frédéric Potier, Annie Dautane
  • Production: Sacre Productions

Valentin Potier

Valentin Potier (b. 1982, France) is an ESRA Cinéma School graduate. Tony Zear (2007) is his first short film. He is also currently working on his first feature film.