Kick The Sky

How to share a life over long distances. How to share emotions when one is separated by hundreds of kilometers, or a long wall. How not to feel lonely. Letters in film, film as letters.

  • Italy
  • 2007, 10 min
  • Director: Luca Vacchi
  • Director of photography: Enzo Fumagalli
  • Editor: Laura Albini
  • Screenplay: Luca Vacchi
  • Cast: Saudi Mardi, Manel Solas
  • Producer: Luca Vacchi
  • Production: My Heart Films

Luca Vacchi

Luca Vacchi (b. 1970, Italy) studied film at the University of Bologna and took film directing courses at the Audiovisual Center in Imola. Kick the Sky (2007) is his second film.