The Girl Who Swallowed Bees

A girl tormented by sorrow and bitterness decides to end her pain. After a series of failed attempts she finally comes upon the perfect method – swallowing bees. But it is a little known fact that bees have a surprising effect on bitter hearts.

  • Australia
  • 2007, 9 min
  • Director: Paul McDermott
  • Director of photography: Justine Kerrigan
  • Editor: Matt Bisson
  • Screenplay: Paul McDermott
  • Music: Adrian Van de Velde
  • Cast: Pia Miranda
  • Contacts: Australian Film Commission
  • Producer: Justine Kerrigan
  • Production: Australian Film Commission

Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott (b. 1962, Australia) is a writer, artist and performer. He has written and performed on stage, in theatre, and on television and radio in Australia, Britain and America. He has published and illustrated books, written for a variety of newspapers and other publications, held art exhibitions, and he continues to produce in a wide variety of mediums.