Incident by a Bank

Shot in a single take with more than ninety-six people performing a meticulous choreography for the camera, the film recreates an actual unsuccessful bank robbery that took place in Stockholm back in June 2006.

  • Sweden
  • 2010, 12 min
  • Director: Ruben Östlund
  • Director of photography: Marius Dybwad Brandrud
  • Editor: Ruben Östlund
  • Screenplay: Ruben Östlund
  • Cast: Lars Melin, Henrik Vikman, Bahador Foladi, Ramtin Parvaneh, Leif Edlund Johansson, Rasmus Lindgren
  • Art Director: Pia Aleborg
  • Producer: Marie Kjellson, Erik Hemmendorff
  • Production: Plattform Produktion AB

5.4. 20:00 Praha | Kino 35
7.4. 20:00 Praha | Bio Oko

Ruben Östlund

Ruben Östlund

Ruben Östlund is a Swedish film director and screenwriter. His feature-length fiction films include The Guitar Mongoloid (2004), Involuntary (2008), Play (2011), and Force Majeure (2014). Force Majeure was selected to compete in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize. In 2016, he was a member of the jury for the Un Certain Regard section of Cannes.