Brush Me Tender, Brush Me Sweet

Brush Me Tender, Brush Me Sweet is a love story about the complicated romantic relationship between two toothbrushes. When Cleany leaves Hardy, the latter begins to fall apart, getting drunk, and suffering from heartbreak. The first wave of the coronavirus paralyzes the world. Everything comes to a halt and people close themselves off at home. Cleany comes back. Hardy doesn’t know why she left him, but all of a sudden she is back home and he wants to know everything. What does it all mean? Can they rekindle their relationship full of passion, tenderness, and love?

  • Czech Republic
  • 2020, 21 min
  • Director: Jiří Mádl
  • Director of photography: Martin Žiaran
  • Editor: Filip Malásek
  • Screenplay: Jiří Mádl
  • Music: René Rypar, Andrej Mašín
  • Cast: Jiří Mádl
  • Producer: Monika Kristlová
  • Production: Dawson Productions

Jiří Mádl

Jiří Mádl

Jiří Mádl was born in České Budějovice. In 2009, he graduated from Jan Amos Komenský University, where he studied Social and Mass Media Communications. He also studied screenwriting at the New York Film Academy. His feature-length cinematic debut, which premiered in April 2014, was nominated for the Czech Film Critics’ Awards in five categories, won in one, and became the discovery of the year. It was also nominated for the Czech Lion Awards in three categories and garnered a total of seventeen awards at international film festivals. Jiří is one of the youngest members of the European Film Academy. His second feature film, On the Roof, was completed in September 2018 and premiered in February 2019. It was nominated for the Czech Lion Awards in five categories and also won the Grand Newcomer Award at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival.