The Fallen Angel

An angel suffers wing-malfunction mid-flight. Catastrophe! He loses his balance and falls. What will happen to his luggage?

  • France
  • 2005, 5 min
  • Director: Geoffroy Barbet Massin
  • Director of photography: Geoffroy Barbet Massin
  • Editor: Geoffroy Barbet Massin
  • Screenplay: Stanislas Berthélémy
  • Music: Guillaume Ho
  • Contacts: Mikros Image
  • Production: Mikros Image

Geoffroy Barbet Massin

Geoffroy Barbet Massin (1970, France) has since childhood developed a passion for painting, which he later graduated from. He works as an animator and director in Micros Image studio, where he makes his short animations such as The Bubble (Bulle, 2004) or Marvellously Gray (Merveilleusement gris, 2004).