Spin: Is God a DJ?

A mysterious DJ is sent to a busy city block to intervene in a series of chain reactions that occur in our everyday lives, but chaos ensues because the timetracks get tangled up.

  • USA
  • 2005, 8 min
  • Director: Jamin Winans
  • Director of photography: Jeff Pointer
  • Editor: Jamin Winans
  • Screenplay: Jamin Winans
  • Music: Jamin Winans
  • Cast: Raymond Andrew Bailey, Troy Garner, Megan Heffernan
  • Contacts: Double Edge Films
  • Producer: Joe Sekiya
  • Production: Double Edge Films

Jamin Winans

Jamin Winans (1977, USA) has been writing and directing films since the age of fourteen. In 1998 he established independent film company Double Edge Films. He has made three short films - Blanston (2003), The Maze (2003) and Spin (2005). He debuted in 2005 with his feature 11.59.